10 Tips On Maintaining Your UTV In Riding Season!

10 Tips On Maintaining Your UTV In Riding Season!

UTV or a Side-By-Side, the vehicle is the ultimate game-changer when you need to traverse rugged terrain, reach a remote construction site, or have some off-road recreation.

While they’re ideal off-road vehicles, they need their maintenance rounds too to be functional and safe to use. Our first cent is to have you maintain your UTV proactively, so there are no spoilsport downtimes. So, look at the following maintenance tips from Side By Side Fury in Salt Lake City, UT.

1. Engine Oil Change

A UTV requires less oil than a car, so don’t go past the recommended refill limits and change the oil if it has turned sooty. The oil check has to be done before every drive so put it onto a sticky note, so you don’t forget it. Failing to do so will simply harm your investment!

2. Monitor Engine Coolant

Unlike the engine oil, the coolant requires fewer checks but don’t test your luck by neglecting the inspection. Ensure the radiator cap seals are intact and the coolant is not showing rust. The better the coolant, the longer your vehicle will last!

3. Air Filters Replacement

Dirty air filters will mess with your vehicle’s fuel economy, so never miss an opportunity to check on the filter and replace it as needed. Fortunately, UTV air filters are available quickly, and while you’re at it, do clean out the filter box too!

4. Lubricate the Fittings

You’re going to need a grease gun for that. There are multiple zerk fittings along with the pivots of your vehicle that need regular greasing to keep the UTV functioning optimally. The manufacturer will recommend the grease required, so stick to that type and improvise!

5. Replace Spark Plugs

Your owner manual will recommend spark plug change based on the average wear values of a robust engine, so if you are a high mileage user, you may need to check & change your spark plugs more than usual. If the spark plug comes out corroded or coated with carbon, your UTV engine might be in trouble and need a mechanic.

6. Tire Inspection

Off-road vehicles don’t mean you can drag the tires over jagged terrain and think they’re indestructible. Manually inspect the tires for cracks or damaged tread, get their air checked, & see if there is sidewall damage. Follow the owner’s manual instructions to ensure your tires aren’t over or underinflated, or that might also damage the tire treads!

7. Fuel Levels Check

If the UTV has been in storage for some time, you need to ensure the tank has enough fuel to last you through the trip. Unfortunately, fuel can go bad, so you have to smell it for its’s characteristic empowering ether scent. If it smells off, just drain the tank, scrub it, and refill with good fuel.

8. Battery Maintenance

Winters can cost you a good battery if you don’t treat it right. Check & top up the electrolyte, clean the electrodes, and test charge capacity before driving it. Buy a battery maintainer to keep your battery from going dead during storage.

9. Brake Systems Check

It is an absolute necessity to ensure your brakes are good and the brake fluid is at the right level before every trip. Make sure the brake fluid reservoir is free of debris or dirt. If something is off, you better book with a UTV mechanic.

10. Check Transmission Belts

Your side-by-side’s drive belts are a CVT drive system. While the drive train is sturdy, it will eventually wear out and need replacing. Check the belt condition regularly and replace it before it wears out!Serving Salt Lake City, UT, Side By Side Fury has a cornucopia of UTV parts & accessories for your delectable sporting tastes. You can browse & order quality performance parts & accessories from our online store.