Misconceptions Spoilsports Harbor About Side By Sides!

Misconceptions Spoilsports Harbor About Side By Sides!

What comes to mind when you think of side-by-sides? If your thoughts are dominated by images of noisy, smoke-belching machines that necessitate flipping a giant “ON” switch before tearing around the countryside, you’re not alone.

Side-by-sides, also known as “UTVs” (utility task vehicles), have seen a recent resurgence in popularity. It is likely because they are perfect for so many different applications—from ranching and farming to hunting and fishing, UTVs can do it all. And while there are some misconceptions about side-by-sides, we’re here to set the record straight!

Let’s debunk some of the misconceptions about UTVs and explain why they are the greatest machines imaginable!

They are Only for The Rich:

While purchasing a UTV is a significant investment, it does not imply that they are out of reach for the average consumer. This faulty belief stems from high-end UTVs costing over $25,000, such as the Polaris RZRXP Turbo Dynamix, which begins at $25,999.

However, various high-quality and high-performance UTVs are available at about half of that cost. For example, Intimidator’s Classic Series UTVs start as low as $11,499. Additionally, many people choose to finance their UTVs, making the purchase much more manageable.

Therefore, the notion that UTVs are only for people with deep pockets is simply untrue.

Driving a UTV Requires Skill and Training:

It’s indeed critical to understand a few fundamentals and how to utilize your vehicle on different terrains and under different weather conditions when you start driving a UTV for the first time.

However, even simple driving lessons are available for individuals who have never driven this vehicle before. Therefore, you don’t need much instruction unless you want to go all out with your riding or start racing.

UTVs Aren’t Family-Friendly:

It is another one of those UTV myths that we need to dispel immediately. Just because these vehicles can go off-roading and handle tougher terrain doesn’t mean they aren’t suitable for leisurely activities.

Many families enjoy going on UTV rides together and exploring nature. As long as you invest in the suitable model and take proper safety precautions, there’s no reason why you can’t use a UTV for family outings.

UTVs Aren’t Street Legal:

It is a myth perpetuated by people who don’t understand how UTVs work or what they’re capable of. While it’s true that most UTVs aren’t built for highways, some models are street legal.

You need to ensure you’re investing in the right vehicle. Do your research and pick a model that can be driven on streets and highways without issues. There are also ways to modify UTVs to make them street legal.

Ending Note:

Side-by-sides are amazing machines, and they’re only getting better as the years pass. It can be tough to enjoy one to its fullest potential with all of the misconceptions.

However, your side-by-side experience can go from good to fantastic with a few simple UTV modifications and additions!

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