Top 4 Four-Seater UTVs For Your All-Terrain Adventure!

Top 4 Four-Seater UTVs For Your All-Terrain Adventure!

Blessed be the design of UTV trims with economy & execution for the noteworthy amateur! There were days when one had to cough up to do with an armada of limited capacity ATVs to enjoy a day out in the rough, but when you have a loaded SxS on the menu with change to spare, there is no end to the fun.

Your all-terrain & utility vehicle accessories specialist, Side By Side Fury, ranks 4 of the best all-time UTV models for the whole family roadstering!

In 4th Place: Can-AM Maverick MAX X ds

A fine contender, to begin with, the Maverick offers a strong turbocharged, 131 hp engine with fine throttle control & EFI to counter chattery gas pedaling. With the deflective & damping FOX 2.5 QS3 Piggyback shocks cradling a spacious cockpit, plus the hoisted seating, you get all 15 inches of front suspension with a 16 in the raise. It is one of free thinker’s two 4-seater UTV models & also a heavy one at 1654ibs. An accommodating cockpit compensated for everyone aboard, and the chassis straddles the Maxxis Bighorn rubber to give you the ride of a lifetime!

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In 3rd Place: Polaris RZR XP 4 1000

Albeit a popular oldie in the industry, the XP 4 1000 still pumps out 110 hp from a 999cc engine with 9.7 in the tank. At 1565 lbs, you might assume this dainty make should have been 4th place, but when it’s Walker Evan Needle Shocks come into the scene, with a 16″/18″ raise & Maxxis Bighorn, you have an SxS 4-seater with unmatched suspension & drive. It’s a bit costlier if you’re on a budget, but that never makes it any less worthy of owning!

In 2nd Place: Arctic Wildcat 4X

When you talk UTV & ATVs, the primary concern is suspension, drive, & stability, & the 2014 Wildcat cuts down on none in the 4-seater category. Boasting the dual-beam adjustable bulbs common to its unique make, the Wildcat churns out 130hp from a 951 cc, single-overhead four-stroke V2 engine. Talking safety – it’s got a solid chassis with raised seats & three-point belts & the whole rig is cradled by the 5-link rear setup plus independent suspension with 17″/18″ clearance. What it lacks in horsepower, it compensates with a stable, lightweight frame with a Duro Power Grip for rubber. It’s like a fortified loft over turbulent waters!

The All-Timer: Can-Am Commander Max DPS

Don’t be fooled by this 2022 beaut’s price if it’s not denting your balance because this tri-mode dynamic power steering comes in both 2 & 4 seating options. It comes in two V2 options at 799cc/71hp & 976cc/85hp with DPS, EFI, & 10″/10″ clearance. The twin-tube gas-charged shocks are a nice touch to go with the 14″ Maxxis Bighorns, plus this rig can carry an astounding 600lbs plus the 10 in the tank. Plus, whether you need two or four to line up for a fun day out, this well-priced ride is a must-have for the budget-savvy, fun-rich family!

If you are about to hit the shop to get your hands on one of these beauties or seek inspiration to build your own for the whole family, we have just the parts for your project. Side By Side Fury, your reliable utility & all-terrain parts & accessories supplier in Jacksonville, TX, awaits your shopping cart post your 4-seater UTV buy-or-build project!

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